Safety Director Responsibilities
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The primary responsibility of the Safety Director is to assure compliance with the Safety and Loss Control Program. 


The Safety Director shall:


       1.  Establish and administer the county's Safety and Loss Control Program.


       2.  Conduct county safety meetings as the Commissioners require.


3.  Conduct regular physical inspections of all work areas, shops and buildings for any unsafe acts or hazards throughout the county.


4.  Prepare reports that analyze the safety program to identify the trends, problem areas and compliance within the county.


       5.  Establish and maintain a record-keeping system.


       6.  Assist or review all accident investigations.


7.  Where there is an eminent danger or a serious hazard exists, the Safety Director shall have the authority to take the necessary action to prevent injury to any employee or to the public.


       8.  Perform safety work as required.


9.  Work in cooperation with the Claims Coordinator to develop and monitor claim reporting procedures.


10.  Work in cooperation with ACCO Claims Adjusters, Loss Control and Risk Management representatives in the investigation of claims, analysis of potential hazards  and development of methods to reduce losses.


      11.  Obtain and post necessary warning signs and safety posters.


      12.  Establish procedures for handling complaints from employees and the public.


      13.  Ensure the proper job and safety training is provided for all employees.


      14.  Prepare safety letters and safety bulletins on safety problems.