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Legislative Update – End of Session

Officially the first session of the 56th Legislative Session is over … for now!

The legislators officially adjourned on May 26 and the Governor concluded her work on June 8. In all the Governor signed into law 393 measures and vetoed 17 measures. In my 20 plus years of experience at the State Capitol, I do not recall a session that resulted in such an abundance of drama. The typical political finger pointing of who was to blame for the on-going budget failures was no different from previous years, but to witness the resignation of six legislators from their offices for various reasons, and lawsuits being filed to challenge the legislature’s work before the ink is dry on the FY2018 budget – well, “it takes the cake”. Additionally, the frustration by many legislators were noted. As the legislature was winding down, many attempts were made to pass revenue raising measures to help offset additional state agency cuts. As an example, I will paraphrase the sentiments of the Chair of the powerful House Appropriations Committee - “we can cast blame all day long, but where were you, Democrats and Republicans, when we voted to raise revenue? If you can’t Man UP and put a green vote on the board to support revenue, then You’re the problem!” That pretty much sums up the level of frustration.

In other news, the House and the Senate have announced that members can begin submitting interim study requests. The House deadline was June 9 and the requests totaled 136 studies – the Speaker of the House will review the studies and will approve or disapprove the final list sometime next month - the Senate deadline for submitting will be July 14. Typically, the studies will begin late summer and are usually completed during the month of November. Additionally, the House Republicans have announced the creation of Policy Working Groups. These Groups will be made up of members of the House from various committees, such as, Public Safety and Corrections, Education, Transportation, Healthcare and Budget reform. They plan to begin their work sometime next month to develop an innovative and conservative policy agenda to be implemented during the 2018 legislative session.

As you may know, the County 5 year road and bridge program will be impacted due to the shortfall of the FY2017 and the crafting of the FY2018 state budget. The 2017 CIRB fund balance will be tapped for $50 million. This raid on the current CIRB balance will possibly require some adjustments to manage the current obligations of the program with recurring revenue. Once again, transportation funding was used to help balance the budget. ODOT, OTA and County Highway System contributed over $200 million. If there is any good news, because of the tremendous efforts of many commissioners and transportation partners, there were not cuts to the county highway maintenance and operational revenues. NO CAPS on any county funds.

Attached is a list of bills signed by the Governor that impacted county government.

Bill Case

Capitol Gains


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ACCO Legislative Update: 5/26/17 from MYOKACCO on Vimeo.