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Emergency Services, Oklahoma State Department of Health, is developing a “toolkit” to assist you in the development of a county emergency medical services plan in accordance with House Bill 1888, the Ambulance Services Districts Act.

The Ambulance Service Districts Act, effective 5/25/10, requires each county with a population of 500,000 or less to present an emergency medical services plan to the Oklahoma State Department of Health by 04/01/11. The plan shall address the following: (1) funding issues, (2) ensure countywide emergency medical services coverage, and (3)address county boundaries to ensure 9-1-1 operators are available to provide quick response. Further, this county plan shall be developed by the county emergency medical services board (comprised of county commissioners for each county or their designee) and the Oklahoma Emergency Response Systems and Development Advisory Council (OERSDAC).

Emergency Systems staff is developing a toolkit for utilization by the 75 counties with populations of 500,000 or less. The toolkit will include the following information: (1) current EMS Operations (licensed agencies within the county), (2) counties meeting two or more of the three issues identified above, (3) examples of the funding mechanisms for EMS agencies currently operating in Oklahoma, (4) examples of operating expenses/budgets for small, medium and large EMS services (based upon call volume/cost per call) including gas, supplies, building/rent, tags, insurance, etc.; (5) 9-1-1 coverage in the county, (6) additional information relevant to a specific county in considering a county-wide plan, (7) and a questionnaire to complete to assist the County Commissioners in preparing a plan.
We anticipate that the toolkit will be available for distribution in January 2011.

OERSDAC is scheduled to meet February 17, 2011 and is planning additional meetings, as needed, to work with the County Commissioners on the countywide emergency medical services plans.
Attached is a presentation made to OERSDAC on 08/19/10 regarding HB 1888, for additional information.
Please contact me if you have any questions. The staff of Emergency Systems looks forward to working with you during the upcoming months.

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Patrice Greenawalt, MS, RN
Assistance Chief of Medical Facilities-Emergency Systems
Oklahoma State Department of Health
1000 NE Tenth Street
OKC, OK 73117
405/271-4027 (phone)
405/271-4240 (fax)
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